Amazing search results.  This popular game is also a science and sports game

If someone accuses you of wasting your time every time you start a computer game, we have good news. There has been a lot of hype on the web about research proving the positive impact of certain titles. Civilization games are designed to instill valuable management skills in players.

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Games teach management

Being passionate about spending time playing computer games, you are sure to be met with words that condemn your hobbies. According to many, it is just a waste of time that can be spent on a completely different and better idea, for example learning. As it turns out, they can also teach games.

A Management Science review focused on this topic, which after a series of research concluded that players who regularly play Civilization games do better in terms of management and urgent problem-solving.

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This is not the end of superlatives

Management science is not all that civilization can be used for. It turns out that the game can be useful in assessing the player’s personality and communication style. This feature also applies to the entire genre, such as strategy games.

Interestingly, the research is not new. It was published in 2020, but only recently has it gotten high. This is the effect of promoting the topic among users of Reddit, one of the largest discussion forums on the web.

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