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after, after Withdrawal From the sets of the WTA Finals, Iga Świątek fans could not wait to meet their favorite with Caroline Garcia. After all, the Frenchman is one of only eight tennis players to have defeated the Polish leader in the standings this year and the only one to have achieved such a victory among all singers performing in Fort Worth. Garcia defeated Świątek in July in the quarterfinals of the BNP Paribas Poland Open in Warsaw.

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New Iga Świątek. However, Djokovic and not Nadal?

Tough start to the game

Until the 18th minute of the game in Texas, it seemed that this time too there could be big problems for the Polish woman. The French served very forcefully and meticulously, and at the same time mercilessly attacked the corridor of your lips. Garcia started Game Strongly, she entered the court deeply on the second serve of the tennis player. She was leading 2:1 with a break, she had the ball at 3:1, but it is the representative of our country who equalizes 2:2.

In the next match, Garcia had two chances to break Christmas, but she defended herself again. After the last ball of the game, psychologist Daria Abramovich raised her clenched fist high. Despite the first moments – these were very important moments in the match. Iga Świątek did not allow Caroline Garcia to jump too far.

“Horse” directed by Iga Świątek, Polish fans are happy

True, the tennis player from France managed to equalize 3: 3, but after a moment she lost three games in a row, including two games to zero and the first set 3: 6. Iga Świątek started minute by minute. I heard the famous “ride” from her lips.

They were happy too polishing Fans, again – as in Tuesday’s match with Daria Kasatkina – there were a lot of them. So much, considering the attendance at the stands at Dickies Arena is still not that impressive. The audience, about which the 21-year-old spoke, is still far away.

There was no shortage of shouts after that polishing: “Iga!” , “Come on, Iga!” , “You are the best”, one has to admit that a lot of the shouts were in French as well, and the reaction from Caroline Garcia’s fans was very lively.

The second set started differently, with our tennis player on top. Swiatek quickly smashed Garcia, then defended three break points and was out at 2:0. The gem was in the 3:2 and Polish service was absolutely crucial. Our tennis player was leading 40:0, then there was a balance and the referee stopped the match for a moment.

This was because the advertisement in one of the wings broke and began to flash. It was a completely surprising situation that does not happen often in the courts of the world. When tennis players return to ToysŚwiątek kept app.

The score does not reflect how difficult the match will be

After the final ball of the sixth inning of the second set, the Iga Świątek staff jumped out of their seats with frenzied joy. It is not surprising – all the important balls in this game went to their officials. And it was not easy, the French tried to make life difficult for the Polish woman by serving and returning.

4:2, and after a 5:2 moment for the Polish woman, who once again broke her competition. Two minutes later I was able to jump after the precious victory. She won 6:3, 6:2 and paid Garcia to defeat in Warsaw.

Iga Švetik defeated Caroline Garcia by the same ratio (6:3, 6:2) as on Tuesday in the first match of the WTA Finals Daria Kasatkina (6:2, 6:3). However, these were two completely different meetings. It is with a Russian girl – much easier. Do not confuse the result of the duel with the French who caused a lot of problems to the leader of the arrangement. Especially at the beginning of the first set, when they could all have turned out differently. The level of the meeting was very high. The two women could meet again in Fort Worth – at the WTA Finals on Monday.

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