Alternative to Biden? Speculation about the Democratic nomination. “Ready”

Although Biden has indicated that he does not intend to withdraw from the race Another presidencyThere is speculation about who could replace him as a candidate. Democrats The newspaper wrote on Tuesday after a poor performance in last week’s debate.

Alternative to Biden

Several candidates have been listed – including: Governor of California Gavin NewsomGovernor, Governor Michigan Gretchen Whitmer or governor of pennsylvania Josh Shapiro – However, Harris is the most likely replacement for Biden, who would also inherit her position in his campaign if Biden steps down. budget And the staff.

Harris’s poll ratings are roughly the same or worse than the president’s, but she is popular among key groups of Democratic voters, the Wall Street Journal noted. Women and African AmericansDeleting her candidacy will lead to resentment and divisions within the party.


She is ready to take over as president (…) I would be furious if anyone tried to bypass the vice president. He told the newspaper Keith Williamsthe leader of African-American Democratic activists in the crucial state of Michigan. A similar view was expressed by one of the oldest Democrats and the leader of black representatives in Congress. Jim Claiborne.

Harris herself, after Biden’s debate performance, appeared several times in the media and at campaign rallies, where she defended the president, arguing that one speech cannot erase all of his achievements.

The US vice president formally has almost no constitutional powers other than presiding over the Senate, but Harris – originally charged with handling the immigration issue – has in recent months I began to get more involved in diplomacy and international affairs.. And I participated, among other things: in a telephone conversation between Biden and the Prime Minister of Israel. Benjamin NetanyahuHe led US delegations to the Munich Security Conference and the recent Munich Peace Conference. Ukraine.

Donor doubts

According to NBC, Biden’s team held a conference call on Sunday with The campaign’s largest donorsSeeking to dispel their doubts about the 81-year-old Biden’s ability to serve another four years in office, some of them, however, allegedly asked for alternative candidates and even demanded that the money donated be returned. Sponsors were told that if the president dropped out of the race, most of the campaign money would go to Harris’s campaign.

Biden’s team also argues, citing PollsAlternative candidates are getting worse ratings in a hypothetical matchup with Trump. Biden’s two most-mentioned potential successors, along with Harris, Newsom and Whitmer, have publicly backed the president and condemned calls for his resignation. However, according to Politico, Whitmer has assured Biden’s team that she is not seeking to replace the president, but she has also warned that she is. Michigan is a crucial state for the fate of the election – After Biden’s debate performance, it’s “unwinnable” for him.

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