“All That Sex”: Katarzyna Warnecke in the lead role.  Who is her heroine?

Katarzyna Warnecke She is an actress born in Grudziądz. In her hometown, she studied acting for four years at the Theater of Vision and Action. She graduated from the acting department of the National Theater School. Ludwik Sulski in Krakow.

She began her screen career with appearances in the films “Życie”, “Marysia” and “Good Morning, I Love You!” And “The Good Among Us”, as well as the series “Now or Never!” And “Doctors”, where she played the role of Iza Wanat – the wife of the head of the gynecology department at the hospital in the series.

We can also see Katarzyna Warnecke in the movie “Ach Sleep, darling” in which she played the wife of the character she played Andrei Shira Serial killer Władysław Mazurkiewicz. We also saw her in the movie.”In a spiral“, who was accompanied on screen by her future husband – Pyotr Stramovsky.

The film “Botox” was the first collaboration between the actress and director Patrick Vega. In the director’s next film “Mafia Women”, as well as in its sequel, Warnke played the role of Anka, the wife of a gangster, who became forever engraved in the memory of Polish viewers. 2020’s “The Loop” was Warnke and Vega’s last collaboration.

In 2023, viewers will be able to see Katarzyna Warnecki in the Netflix series “Absolutni Debut”, in which she played the mother of the main character. On November 10, a new film starring the actress – “All That Sex” – premieres.

“All That Sex” is the first Polish comedy film produced by Prime Video. Directed by Tomas Mendes, the film tells the story of six couples who face a number of challenges at different stages of their relationship. Among them are Artur and Zofia (Michal Czernicki and Katarzyna Warnecki) – a mature couple on the verge of divorce, where the spark and feeling of love and desire have long gone out.

Katarzyna Warnke spoke about her heroine in a conversation with Justyna Miś from Interia. Who is Zofia?

“My heroine Zosia is a boss. I think this role will be close to all women who manage and ask themselves about their femininity in the context of being a boss,” says the actress.

Warnke drew attention to an issue related to Women’s freedom to express their sexuality. According to the actress, the matter is still unclear in the modern era.

“I think that when it comes to women’s sexuality, freedom of expression is still a controversial issue. Well, it seems to me that we can and should all express ourselves when it comes to sex. It is a basic form of freedom and communication,” she appeals.

In the same conversation, Katarzyna Warnecki was asked whether Poles are ready for such a spicy and daring comedy as “All That Sex”.

“I think Poles are thirsty for this topic, for liberation, freedom and a sense of humour. “I think we feel trapped in the myth of martyrdom, in our homes, in grief, in such a ‘serious’ approach to these matters,” the actress replied, adding: “I think this lightness will be very useful for all of us. And above all, It would be helpful for us to believe that when a crisis occurs in a relationship, it does not mean the end. We need a crisis to review our view of our partner. “It’s just an opportunity.”

“All That Sex” will premiere on November 10 exclusively on Prime Video. Other roles in the film are: Magdalena Lambarska, Piotr Witkowski, Anna Karczmarczyk, Piotr Stramovski, Wiktoria Velos, Mateusz Wieclawek, Laura Pryszka, Otar Saralidze, Nikolai Przygoda, and Natalia Sierzputowska.

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