June 1, 2023


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Alien: Isolation - The return of the iconic "Alien"!

Alien: Isolation – The return of the iconic “Alien”!

Alien: Solitude Turned out to be one of the best adapted movies alienEver by the gaming industry. The atmosphere of silence, the wonderful acting of a retro-futuristic movie, and the incredible atmospheric music made the title a definite how to teleport the alien to computer screens. The title was released in 2014, and so far it is not an iota old.

Video prepared by Sega, where we can see a preview of the mobile version of this result. Everything indicates that on December 16 we will begin to escape from the alien with the phone in our hands. The movie shows some initial scenes from the game, an escape from the alien and a robot attacking the heroine. Moving Sevastopol Looks really good! There is only a slight blurring, possibly related to port resolution. We won’t have to wait long for professional graphic comparisons.

We are very curious if the game will use the gyroscope of mobile devices. Remember that Ripley He has the ability to lean from behind the curtains. Transferring this to the motion of the smartphone can add a lot of immersion into an already horrific experience.

Alien: Solitude It was the first after a very long hiatus – since the first show Aliens vs Predator 2 – A game that has not tarnished the honor of this famous brand. Through unfortunate incidents like z Strange sea colonies Players have lost hope of getting a title that pays tribute to the cinematic the village. The team responsible for Alien: IsolatioYou have undoubtedly succeeded.

price? in a Pre-order It’s about $15/euro. wait for Alien: Solitude You can run just as well (although not as immersive) Alien: blackoutin it – like Ripley We note the actions of the ship’s crew and the position of the fisherman alien. From our small command center, we give instructions to the team facing the following tasks. Our goal is to keep people alive. We also have to listen carefully to an alien approaching our lair. Really worth it.

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