Alexandre Barrett describes himself after boiling comments about Mary-Line Jonkas

At this Sunday Everyone is talking about itKing’s mock Alexandre Barrett was burning!

He is the son of Marilouf Wolf and Emily Begin (More details here), Which annoyed Guy A. Lepage Guy teased Jodoi at the beginning of the show.

He also did not stop to talk about his new show Mary-Line Jonkas on Radio-Canada’s set. Wonderful spring Mary-Line.

On the other hand, I have to say she was the one who started it. She started with the now-defunct Jose Goudet The week ends well : ” With less heat than Danny Turquoise, you can do a kind of spin like Alex “.

I still like the confidence of a woman with 30,000 ratings “, He replied.” Since everyone is talking about it and people know that you are hosting a show, I’m glad to continue this section … “.


See the section below.

Alexander Barrett explained himself the next day Story : ” Apparently always in the name of humor. I don’t make fun of people I don’t like !!! “, He wrote.

In a release ” When #TLMEP looks like “Fried War Mary-Line Jonkas said: ” I give point to alex_barrette 👏🔥 “.

Ariane Moffatt, for her part, wrote: The band thanks the extra pub (Damn this dog called this @alex_barrette) “.

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