Alexandra Kwanevska about life in the presidential palace and meeting with Elizabeth II

Alexandra Kwasniewska She was a normal teenager when her father became president. Her life was turned upside down and She had to live in the presidential palace on Krakowskie Przedmieście. Parents did everything so that their daughter did not feel the changes. Kwaśniewska told a Pomponik reporter how every time she came back from school, she had to pass through a traffic office and metal detector gates.

Alexandra Kwasniewska He is the co-host of the programme “City of Women” TVN style. The daughter of the former president did not follow in her father’s footsteps and does not participate in politics. As she admitted in an interview with Pomponic, she was never interested in such matters.

“I was a perfectly normal teenager actually. The only difference is that I just lived in this strange building and to get home I had to pass through a metal detector gate, a traffic office, a lot of hallways and next to guys in uniform. But it really was. There was a kind of The decoration is for me, because otherwise I lead a completely normal life. My whole high school and all my studies focused on my group of classmates, that is, on my friends ”- says Kwasniewska.

Interestingly, when a school friend was going to visit Ola, the security and traffic office also had to be reported.

As a teenager, Alexandra Kwasniewska did not participate in almost any official meetings of the presidential couple with officials. There were only a few exceptions. Once she was invited with her parents to a Spanish court, again to the Vatican.

Queen Elizabeth II’s visit affected her. I asked when the king visited the presidential palace Julanta KwaniewskaWhether her daughter is present because she will be happy to meet her. Parents called a teenage girl who was just doing her homework in her second-floor room. Alexandra panicked.

“I got a call that the Queen wanted to meet me. I thought I was going to die! I wasn’t supposed to be there at all, so I didn’t even know what to wear. Go to the British Queen now. All the preparations are for protocol and I was so afraid I’d do something wrong. But He was very kind, ”- said the daughter of the ex-president.

When asked if she regrets being too close to the world of politics, yet having been cut off from the “big world” by her parents, Alexandra Kwasniewska succinctly replied: “It wasn’t my turn.”

Today for Ola Kwaśniewska Living in the presidential palace is already history. He doesn’t remember much of that period.

Alexandra Kwasniewska says: “When I come by the palace and see the windows of my room from Krakowski Przymieska, because my room was from the courtyard and there is light sometimes, I have this“ Ooo … ”but it is strange.

You can watch the full conversation with the daughter of former President Alexander Kwasniewski over here.

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