Alexander Lukashenko admitted that he was strengthening the border.  He mentioned Poland

Alexander Lukashenko spoke in Mogilev at the Belarusian Media Forum. There he stated that Belarus “is under the greatest hybrid pressure from the West in modern history.” He said this was manifested by “promoting an anti-Belarus position” and “attempts to drag Belarus into armed conflicts.”

-I don’t want any war. I am sure that the vast majority of Belarusian citizens do not want war either, he said, his words were quoted by the Belarusian news agency BelTA. He added that “no Belarusian wants to ruin his life and rot in the trenches.”

Alexander Lukashenko constantly spreads disinformation. He has repeatedly argued that he does not want conflict, but stated in early April that Belarus is preparing for war.

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Alexander Lukashenko spoke about Poland

Lukashenko also spoke of disturbing signs and the “high probability of a violent confrontation.”

– said the Belarusian dictator.

He said he was using the media to explain what was happening and convey his position to the Belarusians. – This does not mean that Lukashenko is an “aggressor,” as they call me, especially in Poland, and wants war. He said that I reject war more decisively than millions of Belarusians.

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