Alexander Kwaznevsky left the cinema.  He couldn’t stand the lies in “Gierek”

Recently, Alexander Kwasniewski unexpectedly spoke about an issue related only to politics.

In an interview with, he talked about his discoveries in his film and series. He couldn’t praise “The Queen” with Andrzej Seweryn, who plays drag queen Loretta there.

Unfortunately, there is no equally good opinion about the film “Gierek”. The politician remembers those times and that is why what was shown in the production made him so angry. He openly stated that the creators lied about history.

“No, I don’t remember it like that – what they showed simply did not exist! Even if the political leaders – you can criticize them, judge them as you like, but they were not fools” – he admitted.

It turns out that distortions not only hurt him, but also the plot and the boredom that shoots from the screen. Although he paid a lot for the ticket, at one point he did and left the cinema.

He added bitterly, “It’s just crap.

Well, after the premiere of “Gierek”, reviewers had exactly the same opinion. Extremely critical opinions…

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