June 5, 2023


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Alec Baldwin returns to the set of ‘Rust’, charges dismissed

Alec Baldwin’s lawyers say manslaughter charges against the actor will be dropped. The film is about a tragic accident in 2021 that kills cinematographer Helena Hutchins and injured director Joel Sousa.

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We are pleased with the decision to drop the case against Alec Baldwin. It is important for us to thoroughly investigate the facts and circumstances of this tragic accidentWe read in a statement issued by attorneys Luke Nicas and Alex Spiro.

However, the investigation of the case is ongoing and as it progresses The case may be reopened in the future.

In January, Baldwin was charged with manslaughter. He faced a maximum penalty of 18 months in prison. However, due to the extended firearms charges, he faced the possibility of an additional five years in prison. The actor was accused of being reckless and uninterested in firing a shot while filming a scene. Baldwin maintained that he had not pulled the trigger and was unaware of a live round in the magazine.

Parallel proceedings in the case of arms maker Hana Gutierrez Reid are still pending. She was charged with the same charges as the actor.

Baldwin and director Joel Sousa are currently working in Montana. Rust is set to continue filming after a 17-month hiatus.

Fatal accident on the set of The Rust What do we know about the case?

Tragedy occurred on the set of “Rust” on October 21, 2021. Alec Baldwin, who plays the lead role, is murdered by cinematographer Helena Hutchins during rehearsal. The actor claimed that he believed he was carrying a so-called “cold gun,” i.e., discharged live ammunition. Set secretary Mamie Mitchell, who was standing next to Hutchins when the shots were fired, said the actor had not been called to the shooting. Mitchell sued Baldwin and the other producers.

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