Alarming news from Hungary.  “It is really a country on the fringes of the European Union”

Under current rules, the EU can freeze the oligarch’s assets and impose visa bans on “major businessmen operating in Russia”. Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland now want to expand this definition. According to the proposals of these countries, the sanctions will include “members of the immediate family of Russian businessmen and other individuals who benefit from their knowledge.”

Drafts of documents obtained by Politico journalists indicate That an additional 96 people could be added to the next EU sanctions package. This concern may arise, for example, the ex-wife of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Lyudmila Ocheretna, whose daughters were punished, but not herselfas well as other members of the oligarch’s entourage.

These are annoying accents. We hear about the distance from the sanctions policy and the distance between Hungary and the war in Ukraine. Support for Ukraine is not unambiguous – both at the level of verbal politics, and, as we hear, at the meetings, Schetyna commented on “Onet Opinions”.

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