Alanis Morissette |  Sexism prompted her to quit performing at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Alanis Morissette took to Instagram to explain her absence from the tribute number at Saturday night’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony in Los Angeles.

Posted at 9:01 am.

Singer You should knowOriginally from Ottawa, Olivia was set to perform alongside Rodrigo You are so vain To honor Carly Simon, who was introduced.

But Morissette didn’t go on stage. In a post to her followers, she mentioned an experience with a production team that reminded her of the “general anti-feminism” she faces in the entertainment industry.

Morissette wrote that she has “suffered in silence on more occasions than she can count” to perform for audiences over the years, but doesn’t need to “spend time in an environment that denigrates women”.

She did not provide further details about the specific behavior that caused her to drop out of participation. Rodrigo eventually performed the song solo.

Representatives for Morissette and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame did not respond to our requests for comment.

“Throughout my life I have had countless wonderful experiences with production teams of all types. They’re so funny, so nuanced is Morissette in her message. There is nothing better than a diverse team coming together for a common mission. I will gladly continue to present myself in such an environment. »

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