Alan Wake Remastered - Premiering on PS4, PS5 and XSX in October (leak)
September 5, 2021, 1:17 pm

The latest rumor states that Alan Wake Remastered will be announced next week, and will go on sale in October of this year.


  1. Information about the premiere of the Remaster in October leaked from a Taiwanese chain store Alana Wake??.
  2. The match will be announced next week.

There are many indications that next week we will officially hear about the remaster Alana Wake??. The first information on this topic appeared in mid-JuneWhen several entries about unannounced games leaked from the database of the Epic Games Store.

as he don Twitter user Wario64, product papers appeared in the Taiwanese branch of Rakuten Store Alan Wake Remastered For PS4, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S. According to the information contained in it, the production for sale will be available on October 5 this year.

just awesome confirmed Daniel Ahmed, Senior Analyst at Niko Partners. We would not be surprised if the ad ?? He will appear at the Sony conference on Thursday at 22:00 CET.

Alan Wake's remake will likely start in October - Illustration #1

Screenshot of Taiwan’s Rakuten store.

Originally, the title debuted in 2010 on Xbox 360 and was immediately received very warmly. after two years Alan Wake It also hit computers, where it also collected great reviews. We also have two additions (Signal I Writer) and kind of continuity?? American nightmare. Let’s hope the mod will greatly improve the visuals and improve any shortcomings in the game that the fan community has pointed out.

  1. Alan Wake?? game guide
  2. Alan Wake’s official website

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