After the match, the bell suddenly picked up the microphone.  This is how he won the hearts of Wisa Pik nona fans

Good morning, welcome to your home. With these words, the announcer on the stadium sage krako Jerzy Brzochek greeted a few minutes after 5pm, when he took to the pitch for a pre-match interview on C+Sport TV. The coach greeted the applause of the fans who were already seated in the stands, although there were not many of them so far. However, when the waiting list was served and the announcer was reading more names, then the nickname Plant He was almost screaming out loud. Almost, because only the salutation was higher Zdenek OndraskaWho returns to Krakow a few years later.

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This will be Brzęczek’s biggest problem. “I’m afraid he didn’t get any results”

However, after a while Wisła Kraków fans warmly welcomed the club’s legend – Radosław Sobolewski, who joined the crew of Jerzy Brzęczek. Just before the start whistle blew from the stands – “Radic Sobolevsky, Radek SobolevskAnd the”.

However, Brzeczek gave his biggest show after the match, when he suddenly took the microphone under the podium of Wisła Kraków’s most ardent fan. The coach thanked them for their cheer and suddenly began shouting “lead, lead, lead” and the stands responded with “white star.”

Brzęczek was going out of his way

Although a week is not enough for a coach to make his mark on the team, it is Jerzy the bell He can recall the style of working with the Polish national team, as he only had a few days to prepare the team for matches. It was similar here, because although he did not run the club, he had been watching the matches of Wesa for a long time. He may also have been up to date with the situation within the team, because it’s hard to believe he didn’t talk about it with the Błaszczykowski brothers.

And you can see that he had an overview of the Wisa team, because even the Krakow journalists in the press wing were very surprised by the roster of the Wisła Krakow team. What is even more surprising is the absence of Michel Skvarka in the squad with which Jola began defining the squad. The other surprise was that the winger came on loan from the Bundesliga Stuttgart Momo Sissy.

While in the first half Przeczek quietly watched what was happening on the field, he became impatient in the second half. The former coach was derailed when players were reluctant to take the ball to the wings or Stefan Savic had problems pampering the last pass. There were more than five such cases.

There was one obvious change, but the momentum wasn’t there. Savi angered everyone

You get the impression that what Brzęczek presented was definitely different energy and different dynamics. Because during the first 10 minutes of the match, Wisła created 2-3 excellent situations that must be converted into a goal. And let us remind you that in the last two games this team has, in fact, created a good one-goal position for 180 minutes. However, Stefan Savic could infuriate the fans, who, although he was creating great opportunities for his friends, could have offended the ineffectiveness. Especially in one instance he had to turn it himself into a target.

But in the second half, Wissoa had much more problems. Górnik managed to break through the midfield quite often, with Fazlagić and Kuveljić failing utterly. It was also a big problem for Adrian Gula’s team and so far Brzęczek hasn’t found a recipe for it. Although 20 minutes before the end, the coach himself noticed and changed Kuveljic to Skavarka. This, however, opened the Vistula even more indoors. In both halves, it was clear that the further away from the forest, the older the customs. The Vistula also lacks, above all, in quality. Quality is in the middle of the field and in ending the situation it creates for itself. He simply wouldn’t stay in the league without him.

Przyczyk’s return at the perfect moment?

In recent years, Artur Skoronic, Peter Hybala and Adrian Gula have been asked at least once if former coach Jerzy Przoczek breathes on their backs. The Vistula avoided this choice as fire, but in the end there was no way out, and Brzczek’s recruitment was met with enthusiasm. When Wisła hired Adrian Gula in the summer of 2021, everyone breathed a sigh of relief. He was glad that the White Star did not follow the line of least resistance and only hired Radosław Sobolewski or Brzęczek. Looks like Jula is going to be an absolute hit. He seemed to be a coach beyond the capabilities of the Polish club and… an unexpected meatball came out of him. Gulla scored poorly. He had never scored such a poor rate at any other club before. The club was not making any progress, the team even stopped scoring goals. The last two games were… one shot on target. If there was a Polish coach in this position, he would probably have flown in the fall. In Krakow, they wanted to give Gula a chance. Everyone knew that he was a very good coach, and the project was believed … But after two defeats in the spring, the specter of regression appeared in the eyes, there was no mercy.

The situation went to such an extent that a large section of the fans began to count… on the dismissal of Jolla’s coach. Wisla did not hesitate for long and announced last Sunday that the Slovakian would not continue to run the club. Then it became clear that it was time for Brzczek. And when it was announced that Radosław Sobolewski would be his assistant coach, it was hard to find any opposing voices.

In Krakow, you can hear Sobolevsky’s departure to Facebook Wisdom The beginning of the end of Maciej Stolarczyk was in 2019. Just like the beginning of the end of Artur Skowronek in Wisła, a year later was the departure of Dawid Szulczek to Wigry Suwałki. In any case, Warta Pozna is currently leaving his struggle for maintenance. A battle in which the Vistula became part of the competition.

Perverted ball, Brzczek’s return was greeted with enthusiasm

Jerzy Pručić’s story shows how perverted football can be. Six months ago, his job at Wasa was met with negative approval. There will be many voices about family relations with the Błaszczykowski brothers who co-ruled the Vistula. In February, his job is seen as a magnet. And one of the few chances to save Wisla Krakow from falling Leagues. The return of the Bell to the top of the league is another point of interest in the Premier League. The fight will continue to the end, because there will be 12 more columns to the end. But who knows if Friday’s game against Legia vs. Wisla is about just over three points. The winner can get a powerful positive boost. And the loser will come one step closer to the first league.

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