March 28, 2023


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After “La Voix”: a well-deserved victory for Louis-Paul Gauvreau

The day after his blind audition aired the voice In 2017, Louis-Paul Gouvreau stood out everywhere, which at times became overwhelming for him. As the years passed, five years later, a small group of loyal metal music fans grew up in the post.

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“In 2017, the year I did the voiceI was playing Rockfest And I couldn’t walk the site without being photographed by a fan of the show every two minutes. I don’t blame them, but it was exhausting to me. Today, the people who come to talk to me, there are a few more, it is for more technical questions,” he told QMI Agency.

Her initial performance in the fifth season of the popular reality show certainly caused shock waves at the time. Regular viewers of the show don’t understand the point of his technically flawless performance pierced Of death metal band Necrophagist, fans of the genre from around the world praised him on social media. A video of her audition, now unlisted Network lightHas over a million views.

“What a show the voice What brought me, above all it was a good specialization,” said the musician from Saint-Basil-le-Grand. “Earlier, I was very nervous and being a part of a show that was watched by 2.8 million viewers, like the first live, I am more relaxed,” he added.

In the group that made him famous

In recent years, musicians have been practicing throat singing not for nothing. Multiplying the group projects, the car bodywork worker became a father and launched a new album with him GlowingThe same group he introduced to the general public during this first live Abyss of the dream.

“The band already existed since 2010 and was already well respected in the black metal enthusiast community. At the same time as my season the voice, Philip, the drummer, was arguing with the singer at the time. He came to see me on the show and was very appreciative of my performance. He asked if he could go and do some shows with him and that’s how a beautiful friendship was born,” he said.

How far he wants to lead Glowing? He still doesn’t really know. “I have other projects, other bands I want to continue, but I’m not stressed, I’m taking it easy, I’m not making money from it,” he said.

Incandescence’s brand new album, The heart of man, Available to listen in full on YouTube.