After “La Voix”: A 10-year roller coaster for Étienne Cousineau

Although his blind audition in the first season the voice Back in 2013, Étienne Cousineau remembers it like it was yesterday. 10 years later, he follows his time on the show and recounts his journey full of ups and downs.

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“It happened so quickly, it doesn’t feel like it’s been 10 years,” he told the QMI agency, adding that he used “we” because many of the participants in his season, who still talk to him a lot, feel the same way. matter.

The native from Laval left Ariane Moffat in tears from her first performance on the popular reality show. Viewers shared the same sentiment as she made it to the semi-finals, losing to the eventual winner of the show (Valerie Carpenter).

the voice, among other things, it allowed me to further assert myself as an artist. Otherwise, on a personal level, reaching the semifinals gave me a lot of confidence,” said the Laval native.

A journey before and after the spotlights

Six months after his season ended the voiceÉtienne Cousineau is already releasing a debut album with ease my way. “My life has changed and wonderful new opportunities are available to me: many shows Now is the first album where I have full freedom”, he told QMI Agency at the time.

The second album, A Christmas unlike any other, will see the light of day after two years. Later, he was part of several musicals and directed other productions in the genre. The Legend of OperaNominated for ADISQ in 2020.

“Over the past few years, I’ve realized that I really like being on the sidelines. I’ve always loved acting, but nothing compares to the company spirit. So, when it comes to staging, even when I’m not acting, I still love the gang creation and the team spirit. And, I at all costs. Not looking for glory, I want to be an artist with many people contributing to a project that inspires me,” said the counter-tenor.

Although she has been on a roller coaster over the years, she says she is very satisfied with her life. “With the show, we get into the machine super fast. The more commercial, more popular environment was new to me, yes, there were disappointments, but no big dramas. Plus, I never had a job,” she shared.

Étienne Cousineau is currently working on another project, but he can’t reveal its nature before March. To know more about his projects, Feel free to check out his Facebook page.

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