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The Taliban seized power in Afghanistan

September 1 in Kandahar, the second largest city AfghanistanAnd Taliban They organized a military parade in which they presented the American equipment that they obtained while controlling the country. Touts is posted on the network where you can see convoys of armored vehicles passing through the city streets. The videos also show a helicopter flight black Hawk.

The Taliban organized a parade to display the equipment left behind by US forces

Fighters armed with US weapons marched in front of Taliban leaders. Some of them rode in armored vehicles and a Black Hawk helicopter flew over the city. During the parade, thousands of residents of Kandahar and the surrounding area listened to the speech of the local governor and the Taliban leadership.

The Taliban seized huge amounts of American weapons.

Afghanistan. Taliban celebrate the departure of US forces from the country

The US weapons and military equipment seized by the Taliban come mainly from Afghan stores army Government and security forces that withdrew from the cities shortly after the soldiers decided to leave the country United States of America. It is estimated that the remaining US military equipment in Afghanistan is worth tens of billions of dollars.

The evacuation from the Taliban-controlled country ended on Tuesday, August 31. In all, more than 120,000 people were deported – mostly foreigners and Afghan collaborators of the international military unit.

The agency quoted a senior Taliban official, Hikmullah Wasiq, as saying that Afghanistan is finally free AP . News. – People should be patient. We will slowly get back to normal. He added that it will take some time.

Americans withdrew from Afghanistan 20 years later. This war cost the lives of nearly four thousand soldiers NATO, including 44 Poles. During that time, 47,000 Afghan civilians, more than 400 aid workers, and 72 journalists were also killed. The United States alone spent two trillion dollars in the war.

US President Joe BidenBiden on the evacuation from Afghanistan: It was not a war mission, but mercy

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