Afghanistan.  The Taliban offensive in the north of the country is accelerating.  The US Embassy calls on Americans to flee |  News from the world

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Unpublished material for the Afghan Marines

The strategically located city of Sari-Pul and Kunduz, a gateway to the resource-rich regions of northwestern Afghanistan, fell to the Taliban. army The government is still defending itself in the barracks. They also have an airport in Kunduz.

Taliban attacks continue to repel garrisons in two other northern provincial capitals, Tolokan and Ciberghan, where heavy fighting continues. The rebels also reported that the territories for which the capitals were still fighting were mostly or entirely under their control. The Taliban’s advance forced civilians in the attacked cities to flee.

The rebels had another success in the fight Government In Kabul, though, northern Afghanistan is not their traditional area of ​​operations. On Friday, Islamists seized power in the city of Zaranj, in the southwest of the country, on the border with Iran.

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The US Embassy appeals to citizens

The Taliban offensive was facilitated by the withdrawal of US and allied forces from the country. resolution President Joe Biden, Americans will leave Afghanistan by 9/11 after 20 years of military intervention.

The US embassy called on its citizens to leave Afghanistan immediately. As the press release explained, “the facility’s ability to provide assistance is severely limited.”in a. Because of the low number of employees.

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