Afghanistan, Taliban attack.  Jagoda Grondecka atmospheric in Kabul

In Afghanistan, the Taliban control more cities and regions, and the offensive is progressing rapidly. On TVN24, Polish journalist Jagoda Grundica, who lives there, spoke about the situation in Kabul. The weather in the capital is very bleak. There was a kind of ominous silence before the storm, she said, very intense tension, fear, and uncertainty.

He is advancing fast in Afghanistan Taliban attack. Taliban fighters who are fighting the Afghan government and want to impose a strict version of Islamic rule (Sharia) control more provinces and cities. In early July, most US forces withdrew from Afghanistan.

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In Kabul, “an ominous silence before the storm”

Jagoda Grundica, journalist and reporter Krytyka Polityczna, who lives in Kabul, spoke about the situation in Afghanistan on Friday in “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24.

The weather in the capital is very bleak. There was a kind of ominous silence before the storm, she said, very intense tension, fear, and uncertainty.

“The situation in the past few days has changed so dynamically that it is difficult to predict what will happen in the next few days,” she added. No one expected the Taliban attack to continue at this pace. Many people are now trying to leave the country, but at the moment the countries of the region and the countries with embassies in Kabul are reluctant to issue visas to Afghans. Many people feel that they are caught in a trap – said the journalist.

“The Taliban first occupied rural areas and small towns, and often the inhabitants of these areas fled to the big cities, to the provincial capitals,” Grundica explained. Then the Taliban quickly began to take over these cities, again forcing the population to flee. Those who managed to reach Kabul. She emphasized that they had nowhere to flee from Kabul.

“Such a development of the situation can be expected.”

“Such a development of the situation can be expected,” said Dr. Patricia Sasnal, Head of the Office of Research and Analysis at the Polish Institute of International Affairs. “Donald Trump’s agreement with the Taliban last year assumed the withdrawal of the United States within 15 months, and the Taliban did not back down,” she said.

– If there is a humanitarian crisis, if there is a siege on Kabul, perhaps – as was the case in Libya in 2011 – some international coalition will form. The strength of negative sentiment in international public opinion, Sassnal said, will compel Americans, and perhaps some Europeans, to intervene in some way.

Patricia Sassnal on the situation in AfghanistanTVN24

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Main image source: Environmental Protection Agency / Javed Karkar

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