Admirable Serge Tenncourt!  |  The Journal of Montreal

I am not surprised that Serge Tenncourt is the active and courageous man of the theater today. Press Yesterday, Edgar, who came to the rescue of the boys’ hunter “Poor Edgar”, breaks the complex silence of the art environment.

Serge Denoncourt claims to have been a 22-year-old victim of Edgar Fruiter’s “extremism.” Fortunately, he says he has never had serious repercussions or irreversible trauma.

In 1990, I revolted against the writer Gabriel MatsnefApostrophe, Bernard Pivot, in Paris. It took thirty years, qualifying as “acts of love” with young girls and boys, to always be proud of his “exploitations” and condemned, admirably, by a victim. Vanessa Springora says it all in her book Approval, ஆக ஆக Best seller In France.

At the time, I was being dragged through the mud in France and Quebec. I have previously reprimanded a Quebec psychologist who publicly praised sexual relations between young people and adults. I was taken to court and convicted of the crime of defamation. By the Court of Appeal, by the Court of Appeal. I had to pay a very large sum at that time for this condemnation.


I always felt lonely in my fights. My toddler son was threatened because of my condition. Following that, my books were ignored by part of the Parisian literary context that protected Gabriel Matsnep until last year.

Now Serge Tenncourt, with whom I am associated with the fraternity, puts into words the powerful words that describe as closely as possible the humiliation he felt when he was touched by Edgar Fruiter.

Thanks to Serge Tenncourt for signing this speech. We will add that age cannot be used as an excuse for the contempt of these indecent gestures which are morally reprehensible.

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