ADISQ Gala: Jeanette Reno knows FouKi and is in "top shape".

Jeanette Reno made a slip at the ADISQ gala on Sunday evening renaming rapper Fauci and the name of his song. Co-pilot. The 76-year-old Grande Dame appeared less energetic than usual, though she knew the rapper and assured her press secretary that she was in great shape.

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“The public and the Academy have chosen: Capital! Funky with J Scott”, launched the singer to the delight of the public and the disbelief of the two successful artists. The moment went viral on the internet.

In the press room, minutes after leaving the stage, FouKi and Jay Scøtt mentioned to some media that they found the moment sympathetic and did not hold it against Reno.

In “Excitement and Nervous,” the actor also misread the cover, his press officer said Newspaper. “She knows FouKi, but it’s not a regular name like Mario Belchat.”

Although she spoke more slowly than usual during her presentation, the publicist noted that Jeannette Reno was in “great shape” and “in a really good mood,” adding that she would not be doing an interview at this time.

“If we want to reassure the public, she’s doing very well. I think she wanted to take advantage of the moment to leave the applause. […] She struggled to look at the teleprompter. Opening the gala with the first prize is stressful. In recent times it has become even rarer.

After leaving the stage, Mme Reno spent a good hour behind the scenes, talking specifically with Edith Butler. Some would have laughed heartily at the small slip she had made.

Jeanette Reno’s presentation of the first prize on Sunday evening had been planned for a long time. The ADISQ Gala organization wanted to start strong. She did not expect Reno goes viral with his little gaffe!

New album

Although she suffered from serious heart problems last year, Jeanette Reno is very active these days, putting the finishing touches on her new album, due out in the spring.

“We wanted to launch it this fall, but there are a few things to finalize, says the press official. He was in the studio until recently working on the songs. We don’t have an official release date yet.

Jeanette Reno wrote some of the titles found on the album. He works with Lionel Lavalt on art direction. His last album, ForeverPublished in 2018.

Could a tour see the light of day in 2023? Faced with this question, the public relations professional is less confident. “I don’t know… It’s been a long time since she did a full show.

Jeanette Reno may publish her autobiography, which she has been writing for years, next year. “I don’t want to go ahead, but it’s an ongoing project, it’s solid, says the press officer. She’s still actively working.”

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