Additional 200 PLN for senior citizens.  New pension supplement.  Who will benefit the most from an additional retirement? [8.10.2021]

Will there be another addition to pensions? The bill on this matter is ready. However, the benefits will not be available to everyone. Additional 200 PLN per month to go to the group of only about 20 thousand. retirees, regardless of the amount of their ZUS benefits. Who will be able to benefit from this extra amount? Details here!

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The additional PLN 200 will go to volunteer firefighters. Today, they do not receive any benefits, although they often risk their lives if there is no state fire service on the scene. Now that may change. In 2021, nearly 20,000 people will receive such support. Persons.

More details about an additional PLN 200 for senior citizens >>> Totag <<

> – More than one government has made such promises, we want it to be the government that will implement this proposal – said Deputy Minister of Home Affairs and Administration, Maciej Sik.

Don’t forget about it

People who serve in a TSO after reaching retirement age are entitled to a special pension. What exactly are the criteria that must be met? As for women, it is 20 years of service and it reaches 60 years, and in the case of men it is 25 years of service and 65 years of age.

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