Add a handful of mashed potatoes.  You didn’t eat better
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Add a handful of mashed potatoes and you will change its taste for the better. This ingredient goes well with boiled potatoes. Check and try.

Mashed potatoes are a popular addition to meat dishes in many cuisines around the world. However, adding a specific common ingredient to them can change their taste and make them even better. What is the ingredient? Check below.

Add a handful of mashed potatoes. You will be amazed at its delicious taste

Bacon is one of the favorite ingredients for many chefs. It is fatty and gives dishes an intense taste and aroma. It is worth adding it to mashed boiled potatoes. This will give you a nice blend of flavours. First, we cut the bacon into small pieces and fry it in a pan. When it becomes crispy and golden, add it to the cooked and mashed potatoes. Bacon can also be thrown into the potatoes at the cooking stage – then the flavor will be more intense.

Bacon melts in warm dishes giving the potatoes a very creamy and soft texture. This combination will make potatoes ideal as an addition to many meat dishes, as well as as an independent snack. There’s nothing better than crispy, aromatic bacon bits with creamy mashed potatoes. It is the perfect presentation for lunch or dinner that will please every gourmet.

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