Adam Zdrzhkovsky is backing down after his breakup with Wiktori Zhzyovsk.  She made a big change

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This week, I became one of the hottest people in the Polish show business And Victoria Josefska. all after that Pictures after the final of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ hit the mediawho had a great time with her dancer With the show Jacob Lebowski. It was clear that their relationship was very close. We contacted Adam Zdrójkowski, who confirmed that they are no longer together. On the second day, the artist issued a statement, the content of which can be found in the link below:

research: Wiktoria Gąsiewska issued a statement regarding the breakup with Adam Zdrójkowski. Only we know the real reason.

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They loved each other very much

Adam Zdrójkowski has a new hairstyle

Zdrjkowski He is facing a new reality for several days now. The actor decided to visit the hairdresser, where he underwent a makeover. Show it all on InstaStories. Share a picture showing the cut picture sad.

Changes – wrote.

Adam Zdroikovsky cut his hair adam_zdrojkowski

Adam Zdroikovsky cut his hairAdam Zdroikovsky cut his hair adam_zdrojkowski

However, his good mood does not leave him – in the recordings from the set “You face looks familiar” you can see that he is smiling and ready to talk to others.

Adam Zdrójkowski after parting ways with Wiktoria GąsiewskaAdam Zdrójkowski after parting ways with Wiktoria Gąsiewska adam_zdrojkowski

Wiktoria Gąsiewska and Adam Zdrójkowski – Relationship

And Victoria Josewska and Adam Zdrjkowski They met on the set of the filming of the series “”, where they were united by feeling. They’ve been a couple for four years. They eagerly appeared at industry events, and also performed together on various programs (for example, they won the first edition of “Dance Dance”).

“The farmer is looking for a wife.” Complete after the engagement. Who is the fiancée?

However, for some time, many have wondered if they are still a couple, as we have seen them together quite often. Now everything became clear.

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