February 3, 2023


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Adam Nawałka appointed as director?  We have a twist

Adam Nawałka appointed as director? We have a twist

Adam Nowacka was due to be elected on Wednesday during the Polish Football Association board of directors. Indeed, it will happen, but the director’s announcement on Wednesday is not expected – “PS” believes. And then many observers expected to make the decision we had been waiting for three weeks since Paulo Sousa’s escape. Time passes, and the World Cup play-off with Russia approaches every day.

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As it turned out, Cesare Colisa met Adam Nowak only once, and it happened by chance in a hotel. There was a conversation between them, but it’s been a long time since that conversation and Nawałka’s coach hasn’t been stamped as the identifier. Moreover, the former Polish coach won’t even go to Warsaw on Wednesday, so it’s hard to expect him to be announced as coach on that day.

In addition to Adam Nowak, there were also other candidates, For example, the Swiss Marcel Kohler.

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