Adam Konaki must be very careful.  forbidden by the doctor

Adam Konaki is only slowly recovering from defeating Robert Helenius. However, it is not excluded that he will end up on the operating table. A medical report was leaked to the media.

Robert Szekiel

Adam Konaki

Getty Images/Albello/Pictured: Adam Konaki

Robert Helenius destroyed Adam Konaki in the ring for the second time in a row. The Polish boxer reached only the sixth round. The judge stopped the fight because he saw that our compatriot was already broken. Above all, the left eye was irritated, and there was severe puffiness.

After the fight, the injury turned out to be very serious. Babyface suffered a fracture of the left eye socket. Interestingly, a medical report was leaked to the media, including recommendations that Konaki received from a doctor.

The ESPN document reads: “Don’t blow your nose. Lift your head and use ice packs.”

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Thus, the pole must be very careful not to put pressure on his nose out of habit. However, this is not all, because it is possible that surgery may be necessary.

“You have a fracture in the lower part of your eye socket and you will have to contact an ophthalmologist and a plastic surgeon,” the doctor wrote in the report.

We still don’t know what to do with Konaki’s career, but we won’t find out any time soon. At the moment, the most important thing is recovery and … the birth of a second child.

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