Actress Maria Bakolnis met the residents

Lemanua. On Monday (March 20) at 17:00 in the Chamber Hall of the Democratic League of Kosovo, a meeting was held with the well-known and respected theater and film actress Maria Pakolnis.

The meeting was hosted by journalist Andrei Kurdziel. In addition to the interested residents of the Limanowa district, members of the DKK for adults, who work in the municipal public library in Limanowa, also participated in it.

The actress presented her career to the Limanowa audience in an interesting and touching way. In her story, she mentioned a teacher who ran a drama club in the high school in the presence of the actress, and discovered acting talent in a shy girl. It also marks the beginning of a long-term friendship between the two ladies.

The actress also spoke about her work in the theater and in movie roles. For her latest role in “Johnny” she got an eagle. Maria Bakolnis, apart from acting in theater and cinema, deals with dubbing, for example Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Guardians of the Galaxy, Quantum of Solace.

Maria Bakolnis is one of the most prominent actresses of the middle generation, her acting talent has been appreciated not only by the audience, but also by the critics. Winner of many awards. Her characters are mostly strong and self-confident women.

– The actress established a warm relationship with the audience and answered their many questions. At the end of the meeting, I read touching poems by Wisława Szymborska. It was a wonderful and warm meeting, full of valuable thoughts, restored faith in goodness and other people. We would like to thank Ms. Maria Pakolnis for this beautiful evening, which will remain in the memory of the Limanowa audience for a long time.

Maria Bakolnis

She is one of the most prominent actresses of the middle generation. She has been honored several times for her artistic achievements, for example being awarded Zbyszek Cybulski, the Acting Prize at the IFF in Taormina, the Bronze Lions at the Polish Film Festival in Gdańsk, and the Golden Screen.

She has collaborated with top directors, including T.I. ”), M. Gronowski (“Verification”). She played memorable roles in “Citizen Piszczyk” by A. Kotkowski, “Consul” by M. Borek, “Farewell to Autumn” by M. Treliński, “Pajęczarki” by B. Sass, and “Crossroads Cafe” by L. Wosiewicz.

She is known to television audiences for the excellent role of Nadja Tomska in the series “Ekstradycja” by W. Wojciech, as well as other productions such as “Forster” and “Nad Rozelwiskiim”. She has appeared in over 40 television theatrical productions.

He currently performs at the Komedia Theater and the Kamienica Theater in Warsaw, as well as at the Polish Radio Theatre. Recently, we were able to see the actress on the big screen in the popular movie Johnny, for which she received the “Eagles 2023” statuette for Best Supporting Actress. In 2016, the Edipresse publishing house published a cookbook with Maria Pakulnis and Janusz Mizera.

(Photo: Limanua Municipal Public Library)

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