Active Polish women fleeing retreating Poles.  new search

Something broke out. There have been very strong changes among women. They are liberating more and more and becoming more aware of what is owed to man in the twenty-first century. The gigantic leap – admits sociologist Katarzina Pawlikowska.

Joanna Podgerska: – I did the latest research on the attitudes of Polish and Polish women in 2018. And there’s more. Isn’t it very fast?
KATARZYNA PAWLIKOWSKA: – In fact, psychological examinations are usually carried out at longer intervals. But so much has happened in the past four years that I just couldn’t stand it. And you were right.

What happened in the past four years?
On the one hand, there is a pandemic and a sense of danger and end.

Policy 31.2022

(3374) on July 26, 2022; political conversation; p.24

Original title: “Active withdrawn”

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