November 29, 2022


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Action movie scenes.  An abrupt end to the hunt for Zielona Góra

Action movie scenes. An abrupt end to the hunt for Zielona Góra

Scenes from an action movie near Zielona Góra were recorded by the local police. Officers were called to the driver who was driving oddly on National Route 27. Snake driving, sudden braking and acceleration caused the witnesses to worry. At the Świdnica level, the car was tracked in uniform. The driver did not respond to police signals. The officers chased after him. After a few kilometers, the 36-year-old was stopped. A policeman’s camera recorded the moment he overpowered the driver. The man was laid and handcuffed. A bag of amphetamines was found in his car. This was the beginning of the 36-year-old’s problems. When examining the car, it turned out that the car had different registration plates. Soon it became known that the car had been stolen. The 36-year-old went to the police station, where tests showed that he was driving under the influence of drugs. The list of driver allegations is long. It is heavy drug possession, car theft, failure to stop for a search, running away and driving under the influence of drugs. Officers reported that the man faces a prison sentence of one to 10 years. At the request of the Zielona Góra Prosecutor’s Office, the 36-year-old was detained for 3 months.

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