February 3, 2023


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Accused of sexual harassment |  The judge blocked Prince Andrew's challenge

Accused of sexual harassment | The judge blocked Prince Andrew’s challenge

(New York) Prince Andrew’s attempts to block the case of a woman who allegedly sexually abused him at the age of 17 – on the grounds that she no longer resides in the United States – have been rejected due to petitions by a federal judge. The prince’s request to dismiss the case is set to continue Monday.

Larry Newmister
Associated Press

Judge Louis A. Kaplan, in a written order Friday, told the prince’s attorneys to provide the documents according to the schedule set in the August case of Virginia Quefrey. He claims to have been attacked on several occasions by the prince in 2001 under the influence of financier Jeffrey Epstein. Prince’s lawyer Andrew Friedler said the case was “ineligible”.

The order was filed three days before the scheduled release of the 2009 settlement agreement between Jeffrey Epstein and Virginia Gufre. Prince Andrew’s lawyers say the deal protects Prince Virginia Gufrey from such claims and would be sufficient grounds to dismiss the case.

Prince’s lawyers say the evidence was so strong that Virginia Quefrey did not live in the United States, so it makes no sense to exchange evidence until the issue is resolved, as it may be rejected.

They argue that Virginia Gufrey has lived in Australia for the past 19 years with the exception of two, has an Australian driver’s license and has lived in a $ 1.9 million home in Perth, Western Australia, where she and her husband are raising three children. Is Australian.

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