According to Dudrissack, King Charles III was a "ham host".

The misdeeds of King Charles III since the death of Queen Elizabeth II have not impressed columnist Sophie Durocher and presenter Benoît Dudrysac, the latter of whom has gone so far as to qualify the monarch as a “ham host**.

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Mme During Benoît Dudrysac’s show on QUB radio on Wednesday afternoon, Durocher returned to the Charles III escape and was criticized in recent days for throwing a tantrum and asking a servant to remove an embarrassing object from a table. On a leaky pen.

“He was literally brought up with a silver spoon in his mouth. It was not a silver spoon, but a golden spoon, platinum, jewels of majesty. It was absolutely terrible,” she said angrily, describing the adventures of the new king.

“He’s a nosed, mopped, washed, pampered ost**. He never worked a day in this ham in his life,” replied Benoît Dudrysac after learning of Charles III’s escape.

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