About the head-turning educator Edward Lagos

We saw in Voice Before, now, he takes the scene Star Academy After being elected by the general publicFinal audition. Quietly, the 27-year-old singer opens more and more to the public, and hides behind the shy air, the sensible, joker and man who loves life.

In a relationship of more than five years, he lives in Cowensville and lives off music through bars and events. His head full of projects inspires his vision of accessing culture and music in his city.

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Here are 12 things to know about oudouard Lagacé Star Academy:

1. His musical journey

Singer since the age of 11, composer since the age of 14, today music is his full time job and daily passion. He plays everywhere, at events, restaurants and bars.

2. Why Star Academy

It simply means being in the academy! It is perfect for classes, incredible learning and memorable encounters in the music industry.

3. The former educator who inspires him the most

Who does not remember the Basin movement of former academic Guillome Lafont? Edward certainly did not forget him, and was one of the most inspiring of the former academics.

4. His audition song dE Star Academy

He chose The best dream He was offered a place at the academy by Daniel Belanger. Edward adores Daniel Bலாlancher and considers him one of Quebec’s best singer-songwriters.

5. Her current favorite song

These days he asks again The ghost we know Of Mumford and son.

6. The musician dreams of collaborating with someone

After singing with Daniel Belong during the first variant, he continues to dream of working with him outside the academy.

Jool Lemay / QMI Agency

7. His first concert

True to his generation, Edward was a fan of the simple project, and this was his first concert! He will have the opportunity to sing with the group during the Fifth Variety D’Illers.

8. Her Fashion Inspiration

Jokingly, he shares that his fashion inspiration is none other than Denise Trolet’s comedian Denise Barbus. That’s a joke.

9. Sound Smash Celebrity

Humorously or more seriously, he revealed that you should be the judge Mixmania2 His final Smash Celebrity. So checkered shirts and ripped jeans are about to be added to her wardrobe quickly!

10. His astrological sign

The cancer man is very sensitive, comfortable in his nest and wants stability. The academy is a challenge for Edward, who loses his anchor there. We see him quietly making his place, and we want to see.

11. His other feelings

He loves life and everything that comes with it, namely sports, travel and the outdoors!

12. His secret plans

He is in the process of purchasing a concert hall to promote culture and art shows in his community. Also, surprisingly, he organized a music festival in Cowensville with his friends!

Follow douard’s progress Star Academy Daily from Monday to Thursday at 7:30 pm, Varieties on Sundays at 7 pm on TVA and Gate-up on TVA +.

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