February 2, 2023


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ABBA returns with its first album in 40 years and holographic concerts

ABBA returns with its first album in 40 years and holographic concerts

We have created a new albumThe new song was sung by Bjorn Ulweis, 76, and Penny Anderson, 74, at a live YouTube event where viewers were able to hear I still have faith in you.

This album is titled Travel, Which also includes the title Don’t cover me, To be launched on November 5th. ABBA, which split in 1982, has not released an album since Audience, In 1981.

We retired in the spring of 1982 and decided it was time to end it, The committee said in a statement.

Digital avatars on stage

ABBA will launch a series of concerts in London on May 27, 2022. To create the holograms planned on stage, Frida Lingstad, Agneta Faltscock, Bjrn Ulves and Penny Anderson, who were in their seventies, were filmed for five weeks. The sensors are fitted and perform their songs.

Industrial Light & Magic, George Lucas’ special effects company, was involved in creating the holograms. The look of these digital incarnations is similar to that of ABBA members 40 years ago.

This is the strangest and most spectacular concert you can dream of, Added the team.

The 22-song show, which lasted more than an hour and a half, will take place in a specially designed 3000-seat theater in East London.

Tickets go on sale on Sunday for those who bought the album in Brazil and Monday for others.

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