June 3, 2023


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ABBA promises a "historic" surprise on Thursday

ABBA promises a “historic” surprise on Thursday

(London) They have been apart for almost 40 years, thus failing to convince their fans. Famous Swedish pop group ABBA confirms a “historical” surprise on Thursday, according to the press, with new songs and their holograms “ABBA-tars”.

Pauline Frozard with Mark Freel in Stockholm
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On Twitter, four ABBA members – an anagram of their first names – Annie-Fried Lingstadt, 75, Agneta Faltscock, 71, Bjorn Ulvais, 76, and Penny Anderson, 74, thanked their audience for being “patient” and mysteriously announced the journey was about to begin. ”

At 12:45 pm (EDT) a “special” announcement was hung on YouTube, sparking public interest in recent days through social media and scattered light panels in London.

For this event, the Polydar Record Company is organizing an event at a tower east of the British capital.

According to The sunTeam with Outstanding Achievements – Kimmy! Kimmy! Kimmy! (A man after midnight), The queen of dance, Money, money, money – is releasing new titles and is planning a new show starting next May at the 3,000-seat Theater in East London.

Hologram tour

In April 2018, the former team announced that they were returning to the studio for the first time in almost four decades. Two songs were recorded: one was Baptism I still have faith in you (“I still trust you”) and so on Don’t cover me (“Don’t stop me”).

But the promise to release these new songs – ABBA members mentioned five songs in interviews – was pushed back, and then COVID-19 came to play SportSport.

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Bjார்rn Ulvais, a key figure in the gang of four, recently promised that the titles would be available by the end of 2021.

“There will be new music this year, of course, and there is no question that it will happen again,” he told the Australian daily in May. The Herald Sun..

The group has promised to tour the holograms, “ABBA-Doors” for many years, the project of which should be mentioned on Thursday.

If they all continued a more or less active solo life, the four Scandinavians would have led a brilliant life since the group split, which followed shortly after the divorce of Faltsock and Ulvais and Anderson and Lingstadt.

The four friends met in the late sixties and began a planetary success after Eurovision won with their first tube in 1974. Waterloo.

Since their last studio album in 1981 and their split in 1982, the popular pop group that has sold tens of thousands of albums has not released any new tracks.

But the flame didn’t really die: the group’s set (ABBA GoldReleased in 1992, it has become one of the best-selling records in the world. Musical comedy Oh MomAnd the pictures taken from it attracted new fans who were not born in the late 70s.

Identification of the cult status of the group, ABBA Gold It became the first record to have 1,000 weeks in the UK best-selling rankings in July.