A young man from Quebec who was the victim of a fraud was humiliated when he was arrested by a full-fledged police force on Saturday in front of a neighbor’s surprise eyes.

“Four or six policemen, with pistols and assault rifles pointing at me and shouting ‘Lie down. About ten people were waiting outside. I didn’t understand anything,'” said Nicola Bellettier, a 23-year-old with no history living in Rue du Griffon, L லborne.

The story began at 10:30 a.m. when a stranger contacted him claiming he had been scammed and wanted to download an app.

Realizing the fraud, Mr. Pelletier did not take seriously the fraudster who threatened to call him “Swat”.

Police believed they were dealing with an armed assassin.

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Police believed they were dealing with an armed assassin.

“It makes no sense!” After hanging, he begs the young man to go to bed.

An hour later, a police officer suddenly asked him to leave his apartment without moving. It was during this time that he became entitled to a receptionist armed to the teeth.

“General Enemy Number One”

After a “shameful walk” a few hundred meters away from a car patrol, he was handcuffed in front of a disturbed neighbor and the situation was explained to him.

The stranger, pretending to be him, said he had killed his wife and threatened to kill his children. One or two, before peace officers first found him, Mr. went to his old address in Lock-Saint-Charles. Says Pelletier.

His mother, who was completely panicked, was also contacted by authorities.

“I was completely humiliated. They saw me as the common enemy number one. There was a huge lack of research, I didn’t even have a spouse and even fewer children! ”Future Student in Mechanical Engineering.

Police h .No

Quebec police have simply confirmed that the case is under investigation because of the death of the young man, who attracted attention. swatting.

“It’s about impersonating a tactical group to make false statements that require urgent intervention. [une SWAT team, en anglais]», Explains Benoit Piloto, spokesman for the Terephone Police Department.

More and more often

At the same time as the arrest of Nicolas Bellettier in Quebec, an almost identical situation arose in Terepon. One person pretending to be another threatened to blow himself up after killing his family. Obviously, it’s all wrong.

“There seems to be an improvement in this type of fraud recently, and we should only think about Ubisoft’s offices last year,” Mr Piloto said.

What is Swatting?

From the English word Swat team, Meaning “tactical team”

This is the act of making an anonymous false statement, or impersonating someone, requiring the immediate intervention of a tactical team

Possible goals

See Police Services

To retaliate or not, to upset or harass someone

Calculate the reaction time of emergency services

Sources: Benoit Piloto and Cambridge Dictionary of the Terfon Police Department

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