A Thousand Secrets, A Thousand Perils is perfect for the big screen

New project from the perspective of director Philippe Falardo: He is handling the film adaptation of the novel A thousand secrets, a thousand dangersBy Alain Farah.

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Stephanie Morin

Stephanie Morin

In fact, Micro_Scope Productions has acquired the film rights to the literary work, which will be published by Quartanier Editions in September 2021. Philippe Falardeau (we owe this TV series Raspberry timeIn particular) will co-sign the adaptation of the screenplay with the author.

“Ever since I was writing, I had a vision of seeing my stories come to life in cinema,” Alain Farah said in a press release. One to imagine A thousand secrets, a thousand dangers Adapted by Philippe Falardeau fills me with this almost chaotic joy, which is so rare, when our imaginations are embodied in reality. I have admired Philip’s work ever since Left half of refrigerator. »

Several weeks ago we started talking about the novel and the film together, and I discovered that we have the same affinity for dialogue, desire, intuition, and above all painful experiences and work based on the same relationship. I launch dinghies, and now our cooperation is no secret!

Alain Farah

As for Philippe Falardeau, he admits to having a fascination with reading the novel. ” A thousand secrets, a thousand dangers I felt like a tropical storm, laughing, having an anxiety attack, and wanting to celebrate. I would say the book chose me, not the other way around. It is a dream wedding between intimates and society. Alain Farah’s Insomniac universe is full of tenderness and humor and translates the desire to live bordering on madness. Whatever is my limit. »

He continues: “With Alain’s help, I hope to make a unique and personal film out of it. That said don’t wait to see the movie to read the book! »

A thousand secrets, a thousand dangers He was a finalist for the Prix des libraires du Québec and the Prix literaire des collegians.

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