a test.  What does an ornithologist do?  Matching animals to the field of science

The fields of zoology surprise with unusual and complex names. Sometimes it is difficult to guess which researcher is working on a particular group of animals. In our the exams You must match the animal to the appropriate scientific field.

a test: What does an ornithologist do? Matching animals to the field of science

Do you know what an ornithologist studies? This is probably the simplest question we will ask in our special episode the exams About the fields of science devoted to animals. In a very difficult test, you must match specific groups of animals with the researcher who handles them.

a test. Match animals with the field of science. What do these nature researchers do?

ZET Radio listeners and readers can solve many things the exams About animals. You will find it on our website
Quiz about ducks
Quiz about deer and deer
Test your knowledge about bears
. We also ask about
Wild cats
The fastest animals in the world
Strange creatures in Australia

the exams About Animals The level of difficulty may surprise you, but the test in their designated areas of science is a test for true naturalists. Can you guess what anatomists, arachnologists, and hippologists do? Participate in our website the exams And show your knowledge.

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