A teenager mysteriously disappears after a party at a California campground

A teenage girl who attended a party at a Northern California campground mysteriously disappeared on her way home over the weekend.

Sixteen-year-old Keely Rodney was at a party for more than 100 kids Friday night at the Prosser Family Campground in Truckee, just north of Lake Tahoe.


At the end of the evening, she texted her mother that she was leaving the “party” in the next 45 minutes and was going “straight” home.

“I told her to be careful, I loved her. She replied: ‘Okay mom, I love you too’. She never came home,” Lindsay Rodmy-Nieman told ABC News.

The girl was last seen around 12:30 a.m. when her cell phone transmission stopped.

“Her phone was turned off, so she couldn’t be found after 12:30 a.m.,” Placer County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Angela Musallam said.

The family realized he was missing only when they woke up on Saturday morning.

“I tried calling him. I texted her, but she didn’t respond. I knew something was wrong,” her mother said.

Keely’s friend Sammy Smith believes he was one of the last people to speak to him.

“She was very happy at this party. Like any young person. I drank whenever she drank. Everything was good.”

With no trace of the girl or her car, police believe it was abduction

“Our investigators are following all possible leads. At this time, we are leaning towards kidnapping because we are yet to locate his vehicle,” Ms Musallam said.

“We have received a lot of information since Saturday. We are exploring all avenues. We won’t stop until Keely comes home.”

A $50,000 reward will be offered to anyone who lets the story end.

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