A surprising decision by Nikola Grbic to delete the volleyball player.  Fans can’t believe it

Polish volleyball players At the conclusion of the Nations League tournament In Fukuoka they lost to Brazil After eight matches, they ranked third in the competition table, with the same points as Slovenia, second. The Italians lead the group, three points ahead of our team.

For the “white and red”, who anyway Guaranteeing participation in the final tournament They lead the FIVB rankings by a large margin, and the Nations League matches are primarily an opportunity to improve their level and show their good side against Nikola Grbic. The team has already selected a group of 17 players who will go to Slovenia to participate in the final tournament of the regular stage of the Nations League and will compete for selection for the Olympics.

Grbic announced his appointment on 11 JuneThe list included, among other things: Wilfredo Leon, Mateusz Pinnick, and Pawel Zatorski, Who just returned to the team. The names of Aleksander Sliwka, Tomas Fornal, Kamil Semeniuk and Bartosz Bednorz have also emerged, who will be fighting for a place in the party, as well as the strikers: Bartosz Coric, Lukas Kaczmarek and Bartlomiej Buldej. However, there was no room for Matheus Poreba, who performed very well during the current national team season.

However, the biggest buzz among fans was caused by Poreba, who battled for a place in the national team with Karol Klos, Norbert Huber, Mateusz Pinnick and Jakub Kochanovski all candidates to play in the starting lineup, but There is no date for Jan Verlig, Who had a great performance in Antalya It received praise from experts. Grbic chose Marcin Janusz, who is likely to be the key player at the Olympics, Grzegorz Lomacz, who was his replacement last season, and Marcin Kominda.

As the coach of the current European champions recently suggested in an interview with Sport.pl, the remaining volleyball players who could not find a place in the team will leave the training camp.

As of Tuesday, there will be 17 volleyball players who will be required to complete the Nations League and Games. I will take them to Slovenia to train together. Maybe I will make some changes to the lineup for the third tournament. First of all, I don’t want to keep the players just for training. It doesn’t make sense. Whoever is supposed to play – with such a large group – will not have the appropriate rhythm and number of repetitions. So I would like to thank the Spala players for what they have done so far. Many of them will now be free.

Nikola Grbic surprised fans. They ask about Jan Verlig

Volleyball fans commenting on the team’s lineup under the position of volleyball expert Jakub Balczerzak on the X website (formerly Twitter) did not hide their surprise at the Serbian coach’s decision. Especially since in Antalya, where Grbić took a relatively strong team, We saw Janusz and Verlig during the matchKominda remained in Poland.
“I wonder why the change came to Kominda instead of Virlig,” one netizen wrote. We read in another comment: “I did not expect Kominda to leave. Perhaps Grbic is planning to appoint a second midfielder for the Olympics.” To which another fan responded.

“No. He’s planning to reassure everyone that Omake is untouchable. It’s an old trick he’s been using since the beginning when he was our coach. He’s hiring someone who is definitely not competitive in order to be rejected without screaming from the audience. It’s getting us used to it,” he wrote. “This is just the decision.”

Similar entries by fans who didn’t miss it Ferlig performed well in Antalya there is more. “Verlij played some joke on Gerbek?” – asked one user. Another fan said: “Basically, there are no surprises, except perhaps for Ferlig’s absence.”

Justina Lysiak: We know who we will face, but we hope that things will go our way/Pulsat Sport/Pulsat Sport

Jan Verlij (first from left) in the Polish national team/Andrzej Iwanczuk/Reporter/Reporter

Nikola Grbic/ Photo Olympic / Nour Photo / Nour Photo via AFP – Photo Olympic / Nour Photo) (Photo by Photo Olympic / Nour Photo / Nour Photo via AFP)/France Press agency

Nikola Grbic/Andrey Ivanchuk/Reporter

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