A strange phenomenon on the border with Russia.  Airplanes lose signal

This phenomenon occurs not only on the border between Russia and Norway, but also with Finland and the Baltic states. In the case of Norway, problems with the GPS signal occur in the Kirkenes region, 55 km from the Pechenga Valley, where the 200th Motorized Rifle Brigade, 61st Marine Brigade and training grounds are located.

The Norwegians argue that it is from these areas that jamming signals are sent to the west. Their purpose is to disable satellite navigation systems.

– Jamming from Russia is now more frequent than ever – representatives of the Norwegian Aviation Administration told the newspaper “Dagbladet” on Saturday. But what is important, as representatives of the agency claim, is that it does not directly affect the safety of passenger aircraft, because their pilots are equipped with alternative, backup systems for navigation. However, this issue may affect up to 11 airports located in the Finnmark region.

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“These disturbances originate east of the border in East Finnmark, and we are not talking about legal activity,” Nikolai Gerard of the Norwegian Communications Authority told Dagbladet.

Source: Dagbladet, PAP

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