A strange phenomenon on Jupiter.  Scientists reveal new theories

It was observed in the seventeenth century. The Great Red Spot It is the largest storm in our solar system. The distinctive object on Jupiter is larger than Earth and has the shape of an anticyclonic storm, where wind speeds can reach 400 km/h. He’s been doing this for how long and who knows.

The age and method of formation of the Great Red Spot is a subject of controversial debate. This topic was discussed again by scientists from the University of the Basque Country Spain. Their research yielded surprising conclusions. They point out that the largest and longest-lasting storm in the solar system is not the one observed in the seventeenth century, and has surprising origins.

The theory is based in part on historical records of observations of the Great Red Spot. It refutes the assumption that the Great Red Spot that we can observe today through satellites is the same one that was first observed in 1632. According to Spanish researchers, the storm seen on Jupiter in the 17th century quickly disintegrated after it was first documented from Before ancient astronomers. This would explain why no one noticed the Great Red Spot from about 1710 until the second half of the 19th century. According to the authors of the new research, after an earlier breakup, today’s Great Red Spot began forming in the 19th century, and this process was expected to continue for decades.

From measurements of size and movement, we concluded this It is very unlikely that the current Great Red Spot is the one observed by ancient astronomers. The first spot probably disappeared sometime between the mid-18th and 19th centuries, in which case we can say that the current Great Red Spot’s longevity exceeds at least 190 years, said Agustín Sanchez Lavega, the study’s lead author.

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