A small club from a poor city.  I would put it this way

Marek Babszon is preparing for next season as coach of Rakov Chistochova. At the moment, he is not satisfied with the movements of his club’s staff.

Papszun has been working at Raków since 2016. Under his leadership, the team moved from the second league to the leaders of Ekstraklasa. The 47-year-old disagrees with the opinion of Marek Warzinowski, who questioned him, that “Raku is to some extent a professional club”.

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– No, that’s a bad word. A small club from a poor city. I would put it this way. But let’s look at it from a different angle. The results we achieve can transform the club from small to big. You have to take the following steps – said Papszun in “Przegląd Sportowy”.

Raku finished second in Extraclassa twice in a row. He also won the Polish Cup twice. What is Papshun’s goal for next season?

– I definitely want to stay on top, fighting for the cups. And or more than that… It all depends on what kind of employees we’ll have. Today it does not seem very optimistic about our possibilities – Raku’s coach admitted.

During the last season, Papszun extended the contract with the current club until mid-2023. At the moment, he has not revealed if this will be his last season at Czestochova.

– I don’t want to talk like that because I don’t know that. This is an honest answer. I told the owner that I would like to see how this club will operate, what will be the staff, there will be a big change in terms of infrastructure Papshun explained.

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