A serious accident off the coast of Norway.  Speculation about Russia’s involvement

Illustrative image: A cable was damaged in the Norwegian Sea

A submarine cable used to collect data by the Ocean Observatory has failed in the Norwegian Sea. The infrastructure was also used to monitor the movement of submarines in the area. A similar incident occurred three years ago. Norwegian media do not rule out the presence of a Russian element in this case.

Submarine cable Power was cut off again in the Västralen region, an archipelago of islands in the Norwegian Sea, the NRK portal reported.

The infrastructure collected and transmitted the data From the depths of the sea in northern Norway. A network of sensors and cameras to document marine life It can also monitor submarine movements And warships.

“There is a power outage at the LoVe Ocean Observatory, and we don’t know why,” said Marie Hogue of the institute.

He added that the search for the source of the defect is continuing. The failure has been reported to PST services. The Norwegian Defense Research Institute (FFI) confirms this No sensitive data was leaked as a result of this failure.

Norway. Submarine cable failure. Speculation about Russia’s involvement

Norwegian media are speculating about this Russian thread in this case. – What is important is that the infrastructure can track activity Russian submarines – said one of the professors from the Norwegian Defense University.

The situation is reminiscent of the incident that occurred in 2021, when a lack of voltage in the cable was also discovered.

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As a result of the investigation, the police provided information that 4.2 kilometers of cable were missing from a 66-kilometre-long network. It was then assumed that this had happened To disrupt undersea infrastructure by a fishing vessel. No evidence was found that it was an act of sabotage.

In 2022, the Norwegian government provided 58.3 million kroner (about PLN 21 million) to repair this part of the infrastructure.

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