June 7, 2023


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A second Viktor Orban is waiting at the gates of the European Union

A second Viktor Orban is waiting at the gates of the European Union

According to a German newspaper, Aleksandar Vucic is fighting free media and getting closer to Vladimir Putin. The newspaper compares the Serbian president to Viktor Orban.

We read: “Like the Prime Minister of Hungary, he suppresses critical voices and seeks rapprochement with the Russian regime. He knows how to use political levers against Brussels and – like Orban – push positions that run counter to European interests.”

According to the correspondent of “Die Welt” in Belgrade, Karolina Drootin, Serbia is the largest and most important from a political point of view. Western Balkan country, which has a chance to join the European Union.

“Brussels wants to keep the strategically important Serbia in the European team – a factor of stability as well as destabilization in the region” – assesses the German journalist.

Orban and Vucic are using their influence to force concessions.

He goes on to cite a report by the NGO Freedom House, according to which Serbia is no longer classified as a democracy, but as a “hybrid regime”.

The author of the article, quoting from the content of the tweets of the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, writes that “Serbia has made great progress on the way to the EU. Progress must continue.

According to Die Welt, the EU’s moderate tone towards Fucik stems from fears of Russian influence and conflict in the Western Balkans. “Brussels believes it is counting on cooperation with game-breaking autocrats. Orban and Vucic use their political heft to force concessions,” says Die Welt.

Former diplomat Sonia Biserko, who was quoted in the article, believes that “the European Union wants to win over Serbia, but Serbia is using its extortionate potential because it knows its geopolitical importance in the region.”

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