A scene from a movie.  Inspect three Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopters during the attack

The loss of every manned flying machine meant not only the loss of equipment, but above all the loss of a trained pilot, whose preparation for service was a long process. That is why the Ukrainian and Russian air forces are now flying very low and far from the front lines, as evidenced by the three Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopters during the attack on Russian positions. Due to its low ceiling, it is less sensitive to effective detection and hit by anti-aircraft missiles.

Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopters are in action again. It flies at a low altitude and fires missiles that rain on Russian positions

Mi-8 helicopters are an example of post-Soviet flying machines with a multipurpose character from the 1960s. Currently they serve many countries, including Poland, Russia and Ukraine, and usually perform the transport function, although properly armed versions have been created that can be used for simpler combat missions (with few exceptions).

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Most of the Mi-8s in use are simply responsible for transporting up to 24 soldiers with full equipment. However, they are also equipped with a special boom on the sides, thanks to which they can, among other things, use the capsules with unguided S-8 missiles, and this is most likely described below:

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Three Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopters flying in one line fire the S-8 missile in the form of indirect fire, which means it shoots into the sky, giving the missiles a ballistic flight path, increasing the range and on the other hand decreasing accuracy . We also see how they each fire with flares designed to ensure their safety from thermally guided anti-aircraft missiles.

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These missiles are nothing new. On the contrary, their long service proved that, in close contact with the enemy, they can cause him a lot of harm. S-8 is an 80-mm projectile (like the Mi-8) that recalls the times of the Soviet Union. It is not available in several versions, but in a dozen or so versions, it has a range of 1.2 to 3.5 kilometers, and a weight of 3.6 to 7.5 kilograms.

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