A popular department store chain warns.  Hackers stole customer data

On June 22, 2024, a serious hacking attack occurred On the company’s IT systems Agataone of the largest furniture chains in Poland. As a result of the accident There was a breach of customers’ personal dataThis raised serious concerns about their security and confidentiality.

a job She just sent an email to her clients And report the whole incident. It sounds really serious.

The hacker attack caused Temporary loss of access to personal data clients and violate their confidentiality. There is also the possibility of that This data was copied by hackersAlthough this is still under review by the company. Includes hacked dataNames, titles, addresses, contact details and business information.

The rest of the article is below the video.

The network immediately took steps to do so Minimize the effects of the attack. Restore Data from backups I Data access to systems has been changed.To provide additional protection. The company immediately reported the breach to the relevant services and the head of the Personal Data Protection Office.

At least for now There is no information whether personal data has been copied or published by unauthorized personsCustomers should be very careful. The company warns of the possibility of unwanted communications Attempts to extort additional data.

In case of questions or uncertainty, customers can Contact our service desk staff.Who are willing to help and answer any questions.

Hacker attack on a chain of stores is another attack A reminder of the growing cyber threatsWhich may affect any company and its customers. Businesses must continually invest in security Personal data protection their clients against such incidents.

The affected company has already committed to taking all necessary measures Ensure the security of your customers’ data And to prevent similar cases from happening in the future. We just hope that hackers do not exploit the stolen data in any way.

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