A Polish player sells an account to WoW for 35,000 PLN
August 4, 2022, 11:54 am

A unique WoW account has been put up for sale on Allegro. Their owner valued them at 35,000 PLN.


  • Unique account for Fabulous.
  • It costs up to PLN 35,000.
  • The account, according to the seller, is the best ever to sell.

A unique show appeared on Allegro a few days ago. A WoW player put his account up for sale, claiming that “there has never been a better account on Allegro and probably never will be.” Its price is an amazing 35000 zlotys.

It is worth noting that trading accounts Fabulous It is against the rules of the game. So this message is by no means an incentive to purchase an account. The presentation published on Allegro, however, is so interesting that it is impossible not to present it to a wider audience.

An account equals a fortune

Wow account 35 thousand.  Zloty.  An unusual view on Allegro that bothers you - Illustration #1

To say that the account for sale is the best account ever published in any store is very upsetting. It’s hard, however, to disagree with the author, because we’re already dealing with a show worth a fortune.

This player spent in Fabulous A large part of his life (more than 15 years) and his achievements and accomplishments are truly remarkable. Suffice it to say that they are for sale The account is among the top 1200 in the world in terms of achievement points collected (up to 36000).

There are also many private addresses associated with the account that can no longer be obtained. The same applies to Tripods, which in the set can be found up to 715 (in the whole game there are just over 850). Also, many of them are no longer available for purchase in the normal way.

The case for animals is similar. By purchasing an account, you will have access to almost everything that has been added to the game. The only exceptions are the pets on the newest patch and the two pets associated with special occasions.

The account holder has also maxed out all categories and unlocked all races available in the game. Thanks to this, when buying an account, the buyer can play whatever he wants.

However, the price seems high. 35,000 zlotys is a lot of money and there are probably few people willing to spend this amount in order to buy an account Fabulous. In addition, such an extravagant offer can attract the attention of Blizzard, and the company is not very fond of account traders.

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