A player saved by headphones?  The amazing sports story

Probably every gaming enthusiast at least once in his life has heard that this is a dangerous profession. However, none of the warning people were considering the situation reported by a Reddit discussion forum user. As it turned out, headphones for gamers from a famous company saved his life.

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Do you owe life to the headphones?

Incredible stories, as always, take place in the United States. Reddit user Enough_Dance_956, hiding under the vague pseudonym, quoted his experience. According to the information provided, she owes her life to the Razer headphones.

how did that happen? During one of his gaming sessions, a bullet pierced his room window glass, then hit the headphone placed on his head. These projectiles were supposed to deflect the shell, which then fell on the bed of the lucky survivor. History was met with disbelief at first, but in thread on reddit You can find the posted pictures. This shows a broken window, damaged headphones and a cartridge resting in bed.

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satisfaction and gratitude

– If it weren’t for the high-quality headphones on my head, I’d be a dead baby at just 18. I can’t even imagine what my friends and family are going through, one Reddit user wrote in one comment.

As Enough_Dance_956 himself admitted, the purpose of posting his post was to contact Razer and thank the company. The police took care of the bullet themselves, but as the survivors pointed out, it was most likely an accident, not an intentional act.

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