A picture and a new song for Celine

Celine Dion on Wednesday released images from her upcoming film “Love Again,” co-starring Priyanka Chopra and Sam Heughan.

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The romantic comedy will hit the big screen on May 12, he announced in an Instagram post.

The Quebec diva also revealed that she will release a new song composed for the film.

Her Instagram post shows a photo of the singer chatting with Scottish actor Sam Heughan.

The first image of the film was also released on Celine Dion’s account.

As per the synopsis of ‘Meendum Kaadhal’, a young woman tries to send love texts to her fiancé’s old mobile number to ease the pain of his death and makes contact with the man who changed the number.

Before it was titled “Love Again,” the film written and directed by Jim Strouse was titled “Text to You.”

Filming was completed in London in early 2021. The story is adapted from the 2016 German film “SMS für Dich,” which was adapted for American audiences.

Celine took months off from her show in Las Vegas and had to cancel tour shows due to persistent muscle cramps.

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