A new government vaccination campaign is underway.  Watch Strong Spot – Kraj Wprost

A government adviser tells us that “the campaign of fear is the only campaign that can convince people to vaccinate today.”

Indeed, the new spots from the NIP campaign stimulate the imagination.

The protagonist is Kevin, a boy from the Ministry of Social Health’s campaign encouraging people to wear masks. And in previous places, Kevin became infected as a result of not wearing a muzzle Corona Virus. Now we learn about her tragic fate. As it turns out, he died of COVID-19. The boy did not take advantage of the vaccinations.

The place shows his family, who, instead of sitting with him at a table on Christmas Eve, visits the boy at the cemetery. At the end of the spot appears the question: “And you? How do you want to spend this Christmas?”.

The campaign aims to show what a failure to vaccinate can lead to: not having a family member at the table on Christmas Eve.

We are the first to show this spot:

“Choose wisely, vaccinate!” – This is the new slogan of the #SzczepimySię campaign that will appear in the patches prepared by the Prime Minister’s Office. Their message is to be simple, powerful, and contain solid data, like those over 95 percent. People under the age of 45 who died of COVID-19 are people not immune.

Since the beginning of January this year, 1,085 people under the age of 45 have died from COVID-19.

The government is also promoting that by vaccinating, we can avoid catching COVID-19 or becoming even slightly infected.

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The Prime Minister’s Office states that from December 2, vaccinations are valid without registration, which means that anyone with a valid online referral can head to the vaccination center and receive the vaccination immediately. The government also encourages the adoption of a booster dose that provides enhanced protection.

People over 50 can take it as early as five months after a full vaccination. People between the ages of 18 and 49 can do this after six months. After taking a booster dose, the validity of the European COVID Certificate (UCC) will be extended for one year from the date of vaccination.

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